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Brand : tenvir

Price : 45$

Strength :300mg

Active Ingeridents: Tenvir-Tenofovir-300mg

Company Name : Cipla

Tablets Count : 30 Tablets

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Selected Tenvir from non-nucleoside antiviral Tylenol direct action and nucleotide angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor reverse rna, and hepatitis B virus DNA polymerase. The drug was approved for use with other antiretroviral drugs in combination with HIV / AIDS-1. It can also be used to prevent chronic hepatitis B

in it. The recommended dosage is taken daily or on an empty stomach.

The creatinine clearance rate in the patient 30-49 ml / min range between Tylenol may increase. The standard dose of liver function in damaged patients.

Dandenin and Tylenol can also use the degree of concentration, and the experience of the body has also increased. This in turn leads to hypoglycemia (186%), loss of water (37%) of polylactic acid and pancreatitis.

The use of the application increases the concentration, atazanavir has also been available., Tylenol, Tylenol in bulk. In this case, the appointment of the feow (TFV) recommendations and the patient should be closely monitored.

It is best to use Tenofovir will affect the normal kidney or help to reduce (or eliminate) the active tubular secretion of drugs. this may lead to increased physical strength Tylenol or drugs.

appointment of Tylenol during pregnancy only in exceptional circumstances.

or, If Tylenol does not enter breast milk, no data.

No Truvad, recommendations and Gepseroy Atropnula Tylos.

If your kidney function, kidney function can be developed and Tylenol should also carefully monitor the levels of creatinine and phosphorus in the blood in this case To carry out Tylenol, can lead to renal failure, nephrotic syndrome, hypophosphatemia. Must have drugs nephrotoxic.

Tylenol can reduce the bone density of soft tissue. At the end, with the diagnosis of information about the patient's proximal renal kelp curl is possible The

Viread patients infected with HIV and hepatitis B can reverse the deterioration of tyachzheloe hepatitis. After treatment Viread should monitor the patient's condition for several months. In some cases, the process begins again. Treatment of liver Tsiiroze should not be reversed, which can lead to liver failure.

Because of the dangerous resistance, Tylenol is recommended for use in the treatment of HIV and hepatitis.

Patients treated as an antiretroviral therapy are advised Tylenol to avoid activities requiring high concentrations (including vehicle management).

The therapeutic analogues contained a result of the size of the liver that could lead to a significant increase in lactate hypoglycemia (186%), loss of water (37%) (which could cause fatal results) in the liver.