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Brand : Efavir

Price : 50$

Strength :600mg

Active Ingeridents: Efavir-Efavirenz-600mg

Company Name : Cipla

Tablets Count : 30 Tablets

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This medicine is used for other HIV drugs to help control the infection of HIV. This helps to reduce the HIV in the body's immune system can work better. This can reduce the risk of HIV infection (eg, new infections, cancer) and improve quality of life. Efavirenz (efavirenz) belongs to a class of drugs called nonnucleoside reverse rna, angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors (NNRTIs).

Metering and management:

use the instructions of efavirenz (efavirenz), your doctor. Check the label for accurate quantitative instructions.

Additional patient leaflets are treated with efavirenz (efavirenz). With your pharmacist if you have information about the issues related to this.

* Take efavirenz (efavirenz) through empty mouth. Consider the foods of efavirenz (efavirenz), especially the high fat can increase the blood of efavirenz (efavirenz). This may increase the risk of side effects.

* Take efavirenz (efavirenz), all glass of water (8 ounces [240 ml]).

Swallow of efavirenz (efavirenz) as a whole. Do not break, squeeze, or chew until swallowed. If you can not swallow efavirenz (efavirenz), tell your doctor.

Do not exceed the recommended dose, dose change or stop taking efavirenz (efavirenz) Do not check with your doctor.

* Take efavirenz (efavirenz) at the same time each day, preferably before going to bed, unless otherwise specified by your doctor.

Continue to use efavirenz (efavirenz) even if you feel good. Do not miss any dose.

If you miss the dose of efavirenz (efavirenz), need to be resolved as soon as possible. If the recent dose is for your next dose, skip the missed dose and return to your regular quantitative supply plan. Do not take 2 doses once.