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Brand : Duovir

Price : 40$

Strength :300mg & 150mg

Active Ingeridents: Duovir-lamivudine-150mg-zidovudine-300mg

Company Name : Cipla

Tablets Count : 60 Tablets

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Duovir (zidovudine / lamivudine antiviral drugs to prevent human cells with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) multiplier in your body.

Duovir (zidovudine / lamiv ) Is a combination of drugs used to treat HIV infection, leading to acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) .This medicine does not cure AIDS "or" help. "

Metering and management:

follow all directions of the formula label. Take this drug at a larger or smaller amount or more than the recommended time.

Duovir (zidovudine / lamivudine) can take or without food.

HIV / AIDS treatment is usually a combination of drugs . All drugs used by your doctor. Read the patient's "patient medication instructions with each product. Do not change the dose or arrange medication consultation with the doctor. Everyone with HIV or AIDS sufferers should be By a doctor.