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Brand : Naivex

Price : 50$

Strength :50mg

Active Ingeridents: Naivex-Dolutegravir-50mg

Company Name : Hetero

Tablets Count : 30 Tablets

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Indication : Naivex (Dolotegravir) is an FDA-approved medicine. Is used for the treatment and therapeutic approach of HIV infection. Naivex is an integrase inhibitor. By integrating blockade, HIV integrase inhibitors prevent their multiplication and can reduce the amount of HIV in the body.
Mechanism of action:

Naivex (Dolotegravir) is an HIV-1 antiviral agent. It inhibits HIV integration by binding to the active site and thus blocks the transferring step in the integration of retroviral DNA. This is an essential step in the HIV replication cycle and will result in inhibition of viral activity.

Posology and method of administration:

Take Naivex (Dolotegravir) exactly as a health care provider tells you.

Naive or experienced treatment with INSTI-naive: 50 mg once a day.
Naiva treatment or nave INSTI treatment when co-administered with certain UGT1A or CYP3A inducers: 50mg twice a day.
INSTITUES experience with certain substitutions associated with INSTI resistance or clinical suspected INSTI Resistance: 50mg twice a day.

Concomitant administration of dofetilide due to increased potency of dofetilide plasma concentrations and the risk of serious and / or life-threatening events.


Reported hypersensitivity reactions; characterized by eruptions, changes and sometimes organ dysfunction including injury. Patients with hepatitis B or C underlying hepatitis may be at increased risk for worsening or developing transaminase elevations. Redistribution / accumulation of body fat , Including central obesity, dorsocervical fat extension (buffalo neck), peripheral emphysema, facial emphysema, bladder enlargement and cushingoid appearance. Observed. UGT1A1 and CYP3A transducers (eg oxcarbazepine, phenytoin, Phenobarbital, carbamazepine, sunscreen, rifampicin) decreases Naivex.

Side effects:

The most common adverse reactions with Naivex were headache and fatigue and when used with RBV in decompensated cirrhosis were fatigue, hypersensitivity reactions, Effects on serum liver biochemistry in patients Hepatitis B or C, Co-Infection, Fat Redistribution, Immune Reconstitution Syndrome, Sleep Problems, Fatigue.