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Brand : Abalam

Price : 59$

Strength :Lamivudine 300 mg + Abacavir 600 mg

Active Ingeridents: Abalam-Abacavir-600mg-Lamivudine-300mg

Company Name : Hetero

Tablets Count : 30 Tablets

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What is abacavir (abacavir): abacavir (abacavir) while using other drugs for the treatment of HIV infection (human immunodeficiency virus). It has also been used with other antiviral drugs to prevent people infected with HIV has been affected. How abacavir (abacavir) works: abacavir (abacavir) refers to a class of drugs known as reverse Nucleoside Rna, angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors (NRTIs). Its working principle is to reduce the blood of HIV. How should I use abacavir (abacavir): abacavir (abacavir). This pills and liquid must be taken with the word of mouth. It is usually taken once or twice a day. Take strict instructions to your doctor. Do not need more or less than your doctor said. You can take abacavir with or without food. Try to be at the same time each day. If you get an abacavir (abacavir) pills, swallow it all a glass of water. If you have difficulty swallowing the tablet, you can crush it. A small amount of food or drink mixed with chopped tablet. What is lamivudine: This drug is a strong nucleoside analogue inhibitor of the reverse rna, (nRTI). How to take lamivudine work: This medicine is prescription for HIV / AIDS, hepatitis B - alone or with other drugs. Its working principle is to reduce the required hepatitis B virus in the body. How to use lamivudine: To get the maximum benefit, do not miss any dose. Use to tell you, even if you feel better. In the treatment of HIV / AIDS this drug is usually used in two other drugs. Put it with you or no food. Take it food if it can cause indigestion. There is a liquid (solution) if you can not swallow pills. Those feed pipes can also be used for liquids. Rinse the pipe before and after the preparation of this.