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Resof & Hepcfix - 12 weeks

Brand : Resof & Hepcfix

Price : 750$

Strength :400mg & 90mg

Active Ingeridents: Resof-Sofosbuvir-400mg-Hepcfix-Daclatasvir-60mg-12weeks

Company Name : Dr.Reddys's

Tablets Count : 28 Tablets

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Resof Tablet PC for hepatitis C, AIDS, liver cancer and other conditions. Resof Tablet PC can also be used not specified in this manual. Tablet Resof Sophosbuvir contains as an active ingredient. Resof Tablet PC works to prevent replication of the virus in the body. For more information about using, ingredients, dosages, side effects and Resof Tablet PC reviews are as follows. Use Resof Tablet Resof Tablet PC is used to treat, control, prevent and improve the following diseases, conditions and symptoms: Hepatitis B virus C liver cancer Resof Tablet PC can also be used for the purpose of not listed here. How Resof Flat Plate Engineering Resof 400 mg tablet works by reducing the burden of hepatitis C virus in the body and removing the virus's blood for a certain amount of time. In depth information Resoth Tablet PC Expert Consult Resof Tablet PC This drug should be used only for combination of triazole nucleoside or pegylated interferon and ribavirin. Treatment of sophosvivir is not recommended for kidney or liver disease or depression. Please consult your doctor if you are using amiodarone (used for severe irregular heartbeat. Risk refers to a slow attack that can increase the use of Sophosbuvir. Must be very careful to avoid the treatment of pregnant women or female male patients With sophosvivir. Must take the necessary precautions because sophosbuvir can not prevent infection from spreading to other people through sexual contact, exchange needle or blood contact. Hepcfix directs: Daclatasvir, used for another antiviral drug agent (sophosbuvir) for the treatment of chronic (long term) hepatitis C, viral liver infection. Daclatasvir can not use no cofosbuvir. Sofosbuvir Daclatasvir and can be used for another antiviral drug (triazole oxalate). The number of these drugs reduces the hepatitis C virus in the body, helps the immune system resist infection and helps restore liver function. Chronic hepatitis C can cause serious problems such as scars (cirrhosis and liver cancer. Dosage and management: take daclatasvir as the doctor says. Do not change the dose unless your doctor says. Do not stop daclatasvir not the first time you talk about Of the doctors. * Take daclatasvir 1 hour each day with or without food. Use daclatasvir recommended for the treatment of chronic hepatitis C is 60 mg orally once with or without food, combined with sophosbuvir. Recommended treatment time Is 12 weeks.